Corporate Outline

Corporate Name Studio Equipment Corporation
Established July 1986
Capital JYE20,000,000.
Business purpose
  • System integration for the professional post production, broadcast station and recording studios
  • Maintenance and management service for the Professional post production, broadcast station and recording studios
  • Design, manufacturing and sales of professional post production, broadcast station, recording and peripheral equipment
  • Import and sales of professional post production, broadcast station and audio equipment
Postal address 5-2-10, Shimouma, Setagaya City
TOKYO 1540002
TEL +81 3 3795 3111
FAX +81 3 3795 3353
e-mail address
Approval and license

The Governor of Tokyo (Gen.23) No.103414
Interior Finishing
Telecommunications Operating

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Antique dealer No.303250208019

Participating associations Japan Post Production Association (JPPA)


Corporate History

1977 March

Kicked off as a firm to engage in the imported professional audio equipment maintenance work at Tamazutsumi, Setagaya City, Tokyo.

1982 April

Wiring connections for the recording studios launched.

1983 November

Wiring connections for the post-production studios launched.

1984 September

Headphone Monitor system developed and began to distribute.

1985 November

Moved into Takaban, Meguro city.

1986 January

System Integration service launched.

1986 July

Incorporated with a capital of 5 million yen.
Corporate name altered to "Studio Equipments Corporation."

1987 March

Capital boosted to 10 million yen.

1989 November

Capital boosted to 15 million yen.

1991 December

Moved into Shimouma, Setagaya City.
Corporate name altered to "Studio Equipment Corporation."

1992 January

Capital boosted to 20 million yen.

1996 October

Sound insulation and interior construction service launched.

2001 August

Narration Control System Series 610 developed and began to distribute.

2005 Aprril

Started the import and sale of HME DX series Digital wireless intercom.

Studio Equipment Corp. 5-2-10,Shimouma,Setagaya,TOKYO 1540002 Tel:+81-3-3795-3111/Fax:+81-3-3795-3353

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