Upgraded from the previous model 702M.
  Comes with increased one(1) channel to 6ch inputs.
  Refined sound quality as to tune to 707M and vintage SEC07.
  Simplified functions to meet with the professional-use.
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* Headphone Monitor System
* Narration Control System
    |Narration Controller
    |Narration Controller Interface
    |Talkback Switch Box
    |Headphone amplifire
* Surround Monitor System
* AES/EBU Splitter, Balun

Headphone Monitor System (Cue System)
Cue system is the headphone Monitoring system which evolved from request for Japanese recording style. Even if there are monitor speakers with great tune in the studio, musicians can only hear the sound of headphones. Therefore It has to be high-quality sound, furthermore the monitoring sound needs to help musicians to perform easily and comfortably. The headphone monitor system of Studio Equipment has been continued receiving great appreciation and support from top musicians and recording engineers for decades. The new model was released in 2007, inherited circuitry and sound quality of long-selling headphone monitor system over 20 years. Yet this model improved usability, functionality, and solidity, it accomplished wider dynamic range with retaining the sound characteristics of the older version. This is truly a reliable headphone monitor system and will continue to keep at the forefront.
Headphone Monitor(STUDIO CUE BOX)
*De facto standard model for the studio headphone monitor with same DNA from the former model SEC07.
*Input channels :1STEREO+5MONO+2(707M-S)/1STEREO+6MONO+1(707M-D,707M-E)
*Powerful headphone amplifier
Cue System Master Distributor
*Master unit for 707M-*/702MA
6CH Headphone Monitor (6CH CUE BOX)
*Inherited the sound characteristic of SEC07, maximized the connection flexibility and simplify some functions, devoted in basis as a professional headphone monitor system
*Input Channels: 1STEREO + MONO2 + 4 to 2 (3:1×2)MONO, available 6 channel out of 8ch inputs
*Stand-alone operation with attached AC adapter (Possible large-scale system by system upgrade with 677CMD)
*Compact body considering portability
SEC07/SEC07H Headphone Monitor(CUE BOX)
702M 5CH Headphone Monitor(5CH CUE BOX)

Narration Control System
Narration control system is important not only for turning on/off the mic sound, but also is important to the overall integrity of the studio system because it is necessary to unite the whole system as a part of communication system. We commercialized this modern performance system based on several know-how, designing and building of many studio’s systems.
610FUM-B / 610FUM-W(BTO)
Narration Controller(COUGH BOX)
*Unique design for easy operation
*Original T-bar of noncontact sensor(610FUM-B)
*Wheel control of fantastic operation feeling(610FUM-W)
*Originally designed touch switch
The start of the 610FUM manufacture was an experiment of a certain idea. It was the wheel control which adapted in -W series and the touch switch system that was barely used for an operation switch for broadcast equipment.(-B lever control had been added actually in the final stage of designing process because we also needed conventional product for –W series.) This unique design came up from the idea that the shape of product representing many incorporating idea. The word “M” of 610FUM was taken from the word of “Model”.
Compact Narration Controller
*Small body, unique design for easy operation
*Original T-bar of noncontact sensor
*Mechanical button emphasis on certainty of blind operation
*Two sub monitor audio input, possible to connect directly from stand-alone intercom audio
This product was redesigned to small size to be suitable such as television news desks. It also fits to radio or MA studios
610L2 / 610L2-C 610L2

Narration Controller Interface (FU/COMM IF)
*2ch narration controller interface, built-in communication system (610L2-C only).
*Several product configurations can be selected according to the needs of communication system. Although a standard base unit, 610L2 focus on basic function, there is upgrade version which contains talkback function by adding optional internal board-mount products (610L2-C).
*Circuitry of turning on/off the audio unit made much of the affinity to variety of systems including the flexibility of the setting space, and it was simplified as line level I/O unit by removing mic amplifier and compressor from 610A20.
*Enhanced communication system such as talkback function (610L2-C), emphasized the affinity of the various systems.
610FUM-B+L2 Narration Control System Kit
*Basic system kit, combination of one 610FUM-B (T-bar version) and one 610L2
(Cables are not included)
610FUM-B+L2-C Narration Control and Communication System Kit
*Basic system kit, combination of one 610FUM-B (T-bar version) and one 610L2-C
(Cables are not included)
610A20 / 610A20X
Narration Controller Interface (FU-IF)
*Narration Controller interface + 2ch mic amplifier unit, built-in communication system (610A20 only)
*2ch 1U size *State-of-the-art mic amplifier/compressor
*Possible tuning of studio speaker level- VOL/MUTE/DIM function (610A20 only)
*Built-in talkback function (610A20 only)
610FUM-B+A20 Narration Control System with Mic Amplifier / Compressor Kit
*Basic system kit, set of one 610FUM-B (T-bar version), one 610A20(2ch/1U), and one connection cable (5.0m)
Talkback Switch Box (TB SW BOX)
*CUE/TB, two button talkback switch box
*Optimized for narration controller interface, 610L2-C and 610A20
*Built-in talkback microphone and mic amplifier
*Unique, compact design that is not obstructive to the use on the desk
*Comes with grip typed button cue lamp cord switch
Talkback/Cough Switch Box (TB/FU SW BOX)
*CUE/TB/FU three button talkback switch box, ideal for engineers and operators
*Optimized for narration controller interface, 610L2-C and 610A20
*Built-in ECM talkback microphone and mic amplifier
*Unique, compact design that is not obstructive to the use on the desk
Headphone Amplifier
*Stereo headphone/mono earphone amplifier that mounts on the bottom of the table plate
*Exclusive shape only for mounting of the bottom of table, and is very user-friendly
*Equipped with powerful and low-noise headphone amplifier which utilizes our long-time knowhow, ideal for radio studio where often requires large volume of live monitors.
610A2 / 610A2X Narration Controller Interface(FU-I/F)

Surround Monitor System
An actual surround monitor system of studio has to be operated with two or more stereo monitor sets by integrating stereo monitor and surround monitor because it switches and is used simultaneously. Furthermore, the monitor system of studio have to function all in one with monitoring back to recording booth and communication system such as talkback system. To ensure smooth monitoring of surround sound production is complicated and is not enough just to adjust the volume of the surround speakers, but it is required to integrate to use these features easily.

Surround Monitor Control Unit
*Integrated stereo and surround control
*All analog circuitries, emphasis on flexibility of connection
*Source inputs : 5 stereo + 3 surround
*Monitor outputs : 4 stereo (including common use of surround L/R + 2 surround)
*Surround monitor insert input/output terminal, possible to integrate external surround sound correction processor
*Surround monitor CH (8ch) after surround monitor insert return corresponds s1s2 defused surround. (There is optional enhancement to s1s2BLRs(s3) defused 10ch outputs.)
*Built-in down-mix function, switching two system between Lo/Ro and Lt/Rt (Each coefficient is fixed)
*Cue and studio speaker input/output function, switching automatically to the built-in down-mix audio when surround sound is being monitored
*Talkback and return talkback function are enhanced. Communication system is completely integrated with stereo and surround monitor.
*Equipped four user optional switches on a remote switch box, can be used as setting call of external surround sound correction processor, considered total system configuration
*Extensive external remote terminals

AES/EBU Splitter, 110 Ohm-75 Ohm Balun


4IN12OUT 110 Ohm AES/EBU Splitter
*Sample rates to 192 kHz. 110 Ohm AES/EBU 1IN3OUT(1:3)x4(default setting, 4 AES3 Stereo Inputs / 3 x 4 AES3 Stereo Outputs) splitter.
*Easy I/O route settings such as (1:3)x4, (1:6)x2, (1:12)x1, can be made by front panel DIP SW.
*1/2 rack unit. 810-D412 can be mounted in a rack singly or in pairs with the 810-KE1 rack kit.

652-XJ16 (16ch model)
652-XJ32 (32ch model)
652-XJ48 (48ch model)
16/32/48chI/O AES/EBU Co-ax Balun Box Type-J
*Up to 48 circuits per 1RU box with unbalanced coaxial connectors to/from balanced D-subminiature connectors.
*Coaxial connectors and D-subminiture connectors are deployed on a separate plane.
*ON/OFF attenuation switch(10dB) capability to control individual coaxial voltage outputs. AES3id compatible.
*Easy recessed(21mm) / flip installation.
652-1A16 (16ch model)
652-1A24 (24ch model)
652-1A32 (32ch model)
16/24/32chI/O AES/EBU Co-ax Balun 1RU Box
*Up to 32 circuits per 1RU box with unbalanced coaxial connectors to/from balanced D-subminiature connectors.
*Backplane holds all I/O connectors.
*10dB attenuation pad for coaxial output. AES3id compatible. (No attenuation pad on request)

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